A Bit More About Us

We work with small but ambitious consumer brands in the health, beauty, skincare, wellness, luxury and lifestyle sectors, to name a few, helping them to compete with more established competitors, through easy and affordable marketing strategies to accelerate their businesses.

Our team are experts in brand growth, web design, and marketing, dedicated to growing small and medium-sized businesses. We don’t just create great content and outstanding websites, we think strategically about our customer’s brands to design tailored, profitable brand growth and marketing strategies to accelerate growth and help them expand into new international markets.

Not your typical marketing agency, Kollabbo consultancy and managed marketing services are affordable and accessible for smaller brands with budget and resource limitations. Our collaborative working style has been designed to ensure our clients still feel in control and are not left overwhelmed throughout their growth process with us. We never make decisions without our client’s approval and provide monthly reports on all activity we undertake to enable you to make sound and informed investment and business decisions.

“The Kollabbo team has been a key sounding board for me and my business ideas, giving me the advice, support and guidance I needed.  They have devised a comprehensive business growth strategy that has given me the drive and confidence to launch and grow my natural skin care brand.  I like their collaborative work style and I’m delighted to have their support with the official launch of my brand in 2019.”

Sam Mara, Founder, Meek and Mild Essentials

Our Clients

We work with a variety of B2C brands across the beauty, health and fitness, skincare, wellness, lifestyle and luxury goods sectors, as well as event planners, personal trainers, life coaches and private tutors.

Kollabbo - Brand Growth Specialists

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